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Project Description

STSdb is a free, open-source embedded object database system (NoSQL key/value pair storage engine) designed for mission critical and real-time applications. It is a community-focused project aimet at delivering an easy to use, pure C# application with blazing performance on the .NET framework. It fully suports transactions and LINQ patterns for querying and updating data.

More information

Comparison between STSdb W4.0 and STSdb R3.5

Features STSdb R3.5 STSdb W4.0
API .NET 3.5+ .NET 4.0+, Java
User type dependencies Yes


Heap garbage collector No Yes
Thread-safe No Yes
Vertical compression Yes Yes
Fast sequential key inserts Yes Yes
Fast random key inserts No Yes
IData technology No Yes

The main difference between STSdb W4.0 and STSdb R3.5 are their backbones. STSdb R3.5 uses a Radix-tree technology that is a space-optimized tree data structure suitable for real-time data and sequential inserts. STSdb W4.0 is based on W-tree data structure, that effectively solves one of the most fundamental problems in the database world - random keys indexing. The new W4.0 version also works blazing with sequential keys and supports multiple indexes over multiple tables without performance impact.

Get Involved

The STSdb team is committed to open community participation and accepts code contributions today. We encourage community participation at all levels from general project feedback to bug fixes and patches. 

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